Network infrastructure design and deployment

We design networks that not only meet our clients' current requirements, but also provide for future growth.

Wireless networks

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Wired networks

We performed the design, technical project management and lead engineering for the buildout of a twelve-building main campus and ten remote campuses.

This work spanned five years of design and implementation with a resultant 10,000+ node data and voice network.

We were hired directly by the government institution to manage, on their behalf, the data and voice buildout to include:

  • Design of the conduit infrastructure
  • Design and placement of cabling and telecommunications closets
  • Development of specifications
  • Subcontractor procurement
  • Contractor management
  • Project acceptance.
We additionally performed the following services:
  • Data equipment evaluation and selection process
  • Designed and implemented a Gigabit network with 100Mbps switching to the desktop
  • Engineered and implemented the upgrade of the core routers.