Network Audit

Networks are a constantly changing and evolving entity. The key issue is keeping up with those changes in an organized and thorough fashion.

A Network Audit provides a complete review of your network topology and operations environment, examining such areas as:

  • Network Elements - locations, models, environmental issues, security
  • Documentation - maps, configuration listings, wiring closet layouts, policies and procedures
  • Network Redundancy - single points of failure, recovery plan, backups, hot spares
  • Support Contracts - currency, repair turn-around-time, component failure rates
  • Operations - processes, problem resolution methods, network management, staff loading, training needs

An Audit report will summarize the findings and highlight the areas needing improvement. The report will be presented and discussed with your team to ensure awareness and comprehension. The Network Audit is ideal for performing an annual review of your site or to prepare you for an external corporate audit.