AirMagnet Authorized Reseller

We are an authorized AirMagnet reseller.

JasNET Consulting Inc. is a woman-owned small business, providing the following wireless networking services tailored to the AirMagnet product line:

  • Wireless LAN Management Solutions - we customize for you the AirMagnet suite of management tools to:
    • Ensure compliance with your security policy
    • Detect intrusions
    • Monitor performance
    • Troubleshoot your wireless connections.
  • Integration - we bundle and test the AirMagnet software & hardware and install it on current generation PDAs and laptops. This ensures you have a ready-to-go working solution.
  • Installation - we conduct the site surveys that find the rogue access points, as well as "parking lot" (war driving) attacks.
  • Training - we train your staff so they can map out coverage areas and detect network saturation before your users do.
  • Support - our low-cost support contracts provide you dedicated and well-trained support specialists who are familiar with your environment.
  • 24/7 Remote monitoring - our NOC (Network Operations Center) monitors your wireless (and wired) network and takes corrective action when intrusion takes place.
Contact us about these design and implementation services for secure, wireless 802.11 networks, or continue browsing at left to learn about our other, related services.

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